Be Next It – is a technological incubator that promotes entrepreneurship among youth . The Incubator was established on the basis of modern trends that use with the development of Open Innovation and includes both the education and the entrepreneurial aspect that applied in Mobile & Internet Technology. The platform of the technological incubator, is to give the power efficiently accumulated intellectual community students ( The Wisdom of Crowds) initiating and implementing ideas.

The Community incubator has a major part in the initiation, selection, development ideas, by choosing the right business model and the actual implementation to receive the product bring to life and start to get real income. We believe that the community goal is to maximizing profits, and to distribution part of the profits of successful projects that yield to active community members.

The Goals of the program

  • 1Construction of the education and providing the tools necessary to initiate projects.
  • 2Deepening of knowledge and experience in the field of Mobile & Internet Technology and assistance in the initiation and development projects in this area.
  • 3Establishment business technology platform based on methods Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding initiating and processing ideas and development projects.